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Edit Group Name

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:57 pm
by ptmuldoon
On my Rooted Wink Hub, I have connected 2 GE light bulbs via the App, and then also with the App, placed them in a group.

And when I ssh into my hub, I learned how to change the name of each light bulb using --set-name.

But I can't figure out the proper command to change the group name. The App assigned a 5 digit number to the group, which doesn't tell you much.

i tried the below but it returns an error message of still wanting a master ID.

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aprontest -x1 --set-name "Family Room"

Is there a way to edit/change a group name via aprontest? Or maybe forced to first create a group name, and then add items to it?

Was also wondering what command will tell you what items belong to a group?