Re-rooting with latest firmware 2020

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Re-rooting with latest firmware 2020

Postby kj6epl » Mon May 11, 2020 1:07 am

A long time ago I rooted my hub "the hard way", just because I could. However, because I wanted to maintain usability of the app, I updated the firmware and lost root. I didn't care because the reliability of Wink's service had improved so I didn't have to rely on the crontab to turn my lights on anymore.

Enter 2020. Wink announced that now they'll be charging $5/month for their service. So I went back to root it again, and some of the commands from before aren't working now.

1. How do you edit a text file over a serial terminal (specifically a serial connection via Putty)? Vi is useless because Putty can't send the escape key. Nano is useless because Putty can't send arrow keys. The big issue here is that permanently enabling the serial terminal isn't a matter of uncommenting a line in /etc/inittab now; the whole line must be changed.

2. How do you enable SSH login via password authentication? I never did get RSA keys working before, but logging in via password worked fine. Now when I try to connect, it just states that the host doesn't allow password authentication.

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